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Turkish have to followed all the criteria to visit Europe
Posted on: 30 May 2016  |   Tags: Ankara , Europe , immigration , immigration department , Turkey ,

The immigration department of Europe said that the visa liberalization criteria would not be water down for Turkey in any circumstances. Turkey has to fulfill all the term and conditions for the visa free travel to Europe. Ankara’s threaten for the cancellation deal of migration with Brussels creates this problem for the visitors of turkey. Otherwise there is no need of all these term and conditions. On the basis of the immigration deal Ankara will get more European fund for allowing refuges to reside on its soil. According to the immigration deal Ankara have to receive the refugees who are entering to Italy illegally. In return Europe will take same amount of refugees from turkeys those have come from Syria. Turkey wanted to discuss regarding the deal with Europe regarding the $6.8bn of EU funds to Syrian refugees and a short term visa waived for the traveler of the country before the last week of June.  Only the deal of immigration creates such problems for the Turkish. The financial growth of turkey is also highly affected due to the issue of immigration and visa. The cordial bonding between the two nations goes bitter. Now the applicants have to fulfill all the conditions of immigration principle for Europe because there is no chance of watered down of the policy. Turkey has to fulfill the 72 technical requirements before the removal of restriction on short term visa in the passport-free Schengen zone. As of now turkey is able to fulfill 50% of the criteria. The immigration authorities of EU said that turkey has to fulfilled all the needs and requirements of the agreement and has to keep its commitments. After that all the provision of the EU-Turkey deal can be execute properly. The pending issue between the two nations also will come in to the consideration under the discussion.

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