J1 visa for students

J1 visa is issued by the government of US who are wanted to take part in work and study based exchange. The programs are coordinate by some non profitable educational institutions. Which must certified from the exchange visitors program designated by the US state department. The J-1 visa holder come to US for study, teach, experiment the new skills and […]

Work program for international students in Ireland

The numbers of international students are gradually increasing in Irish universities in every year. for getting the work permit the international students  are required to complete a minimum one-year duration of course from a recognized institute of Irish department of education and skill. According to the newly implemented policy, the students having a legitimate immigration stamp 2 will allow working […]

Canada self employed visa offers ample opportunities to the foreigners

Canada has provided ample opportunities to the potential immigrants. The immigration authorities of Canada have designed several business immigration policies to improve the economy of Canada. Canada self employed visa is one of the immigration approach that allows the educated, qualified , skilled and highly experienced business individuals entering to Canada for the purpose of contributing Canadian economy. Applicant having […]

Why is Canada a Best Holidaying Destination for Tourist?

Everyone needs some break from his hectic professional life and spending some time with his family in beautiful places. In the current scenario, the North American country Canada is one of the favorable holidaying destinations for the tourist around the globe. Canada is a beautiful country and one of the finest immigration hubs for the international students, investors, skilled workers […]

Canada is a suitable place for Indian immigrants

Many skilled individuals from India prefer to reside at Canada due to the great carrier opportunities in multiple segments. The natural beauty and the tropical atmosphere is the major point of attractions for the immigrants. Rapid growth of software industries in Canada creates the job opportunities for software engineering students all over the world. So many IT companies setup their […]