Advantages of study in Malaysia

Education has vital significance in current scenario. A study in abroad is one of the greatest aspirations of many students. Now Malaysia is one of the finest education hubs for the students around the globe. It is becoming very popular among the international students because of its scholastic method of study and the excellent job opportunities. The country also has a safe and beautiful environment added the advantages in this regards.

The cost of living of the country is very less in comparison to other foreign nations. The accommodation and the food are highly affordable in Malaysia. The average expense of an international student in Malaysia is INR 16,000 to INR 24,000. The amount varies depending upon the location of the student. Kuala Lumpur has been listed as the least costly city in the world.

The universities of Malaysia have provided world class education and the job opportunities for career growth within fewer tuition fees. For post graduation study the student has to invest INR 3, 36,000 to INR 4, 80,000 per year depending upon the fess structure of the university. This is very less than other foreign universities.

During the course of study, the Malaysian universities have provided the work permit option to the students. The students can work 20 hours in a week on part time basis in weekends and full time in vacations. After the completion, of course, the students are entitled to one year of work permit.

There is no language proficiency test for approval of student visa for Malaysia. Only English proficiency is enough to take admission on Malaysian universities.  Students do not require any certification of fund for his study in Malaysia.

Many world class universities have established their branches in Malaysia so that student can able to study the same course in the same university with low and affordable tuition fees. There are lots of jobs in Malaysia but no one to take them. So there are good job opportunities for all the domain people.

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