Italy startup visa

 Italy is one of the finest countries in Europe. The immigration rate of Italy is also remarkable. Italian startup visa is a new innovation to enhance the economy of the nation. The Italian startup visa allows the non-European entrepreneur to come to this country and invest the fund by establishing their business project in Italy and give some contribution to the GDP of the country.

There are some eligibility criteria for Italy startup visa. The candidate must have to fulfill all the term and condition for the approval of this status. The applicant’s minimum startup fund should be minimum €50,000.

There are two types of process to apply for this visa. The first one is direct startup visa application and the second one is visa application through a licensed incubator. Both the process provides the applicant a certainty of profit in Italy.

The applicants just require sending their application for ISV and the testimony of their financial fund to the email address of their immigration authority. Within a month, the supervising committee will verify all the details of the applicant and will convey the approval.

There are some major reasons of Italy which attract the entrepreneur to set up their business in this country. Italy has a lot of high-quality skilled workers and the Italian have better knowledge in grassroots manufacturing industries which boost the startup level of the entrepreneur.

The artistic and cultural heritages of the country are major sources of attraction for the people outside the Europe. The inter-connection of Italy and Rome is a profitable market condition for the investor. The Italian government also provides the vigorous investment incentive and pioneered funds raising paraphernalia for startup.

The lifestyle of Italy will make a positive impact on the investor’s working environment. The employment law of Italy is very much flexible which makes an advantage in this point of view. The government has a strong support for the startup visa holder to robust the ecosystem.

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