Known employer pilot program launched by Department of Homeland Security

To improve the employment rate the department of homeland security, America just introduced a known employer pilot program. Previous the department of homeland security has announced that the program for known employer pilot under America-Canada beyond the border initiative.

The pilots have recommended in a report from the federal agency that has been submitted to the president on July 2015, for the modernization of legal immigration policies of this twenty-first century. The program is the joint venture of various associations like DHS, USCIS, CBP, and DOS.  The system will change the current procedure that USIC’s regularly review about the capability of the employer to sponsor the foreign workers to America under employment-based visa system.

The phenomena will reduce the paper documentation, cost and delays for both US citizenship and immigration services and the employers. The known employer pilot can be helpful for the recruiter who files multiple applications for immigration in every year.

The program is really a helpful concern for the employers to creating a web-based library for the known employer document. The library contains all the necessary information and the related document requirements. If the employers’ applications have been approved by the USIC, Then there is no need of submitting the company details again and again during the time of hiring the foreign skilled worker. Employers will not have to pay extra fund for this proposal.

The director of United States citizenship and immigration service said that the program is a reformation policy of immigration and now in a trail period. Further, he added that the partnership program between the agencies with the representative organization across different industries will find out the way how to enhance the efficiency.

The employer pilot program is really a good immigration policy to maintain a proper coordination between the employers and the overseas workers. The initiative is very much systematic.

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