Indian students on F1 visa increases by 31% in America

The role of education in current civilization is very much important. The drastic change of science and technology increases the value of higher education. Nowadays many students around the globe want to pursue their higher studies at abroad. America is one of the popular study destinations for the students around the globe. Despite a lot of facilities in H-1B visa from job opportunities to lottery policies, lot of Indian students are going to the US on F1 visa for the carrier perspective. The percentage of F1 visa applicants are increasing in current time.

The latest date report shows that there are a number of students are going to the USA for both undergraduate and graduate degree program on f1 visa. The rate of percentage increases 31% than that of a previous year. The number of international students from India in US universities reached an approximate number of 194,000.

The student and exchange visitor program reported that the numbers of Indian students in American international universities are increasing in geometric progression. The students having F&M visas from India in US universities increase in number from 148,360 to 194,438 during 2015 march to 2016 march. The rate of increase is 31.1 percent according to the survey report of SEVIS.

SEVIS an investigation department of US immigration and customs enforcement said that the number of Indian students having academic status F and vocational status M reached a limit of 1.2 million. The SEVIS report suggested that the student enrollment at American school increase 6.2 percent in compared to last year march.

According to the report, 82% Indian students are pursuing degrees in STEM program. STEM program means science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The numbers of students in STEM program are more from India than other countries. 69 percent of student in F&M category who are studying mathematics and statistics are from china. Asian countries are the major student markets for the universities of US.

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