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Express Entry rejects the incomplete application to Canada

xExpress entry is an application procedure for Canada immigration. The system has been introduced since 1st January 2015.refugess and the citizen of and the citizenship Canada verified all the details of applicants who are being applied for permanent residence at Canada. The major aim of express entry is to minimize the time for processing the application. When express entry system has been introduced the IRCC guaranteed that the system would be able to process the PR application within six months. This year the IRRC met its goal of processing time of six months. The report suggested that many applications for express entry have been rejected due to incompleteness. There has no possible assurance the reject candidate can again be able to apply it. To avoid such things the IRCC has taken some necessary action to avoid the technical deficiencies in applications. The applicants must have to check their PR applications meet all the tem and conditions of IRCC. The yearend report told that IRCC able to process most of the application of Express entry within the span of six months. The federal skill worker program applicant’s processing time is even earlier. It takes only 4.7 months to complete. For Canadian experience class application the duration is 3.5 month, federal skilled trade class it is 4.9 and for territorial nominees it is 3.8 months. The IRCC report of 2015 says that 22,178 PR applications have been submitted through in express entry system in the previous year.  Out of them 14,058 have got the approval and remaining s have refused. The IRCC report said that around 25.6 percent of PR application through express entry rejected due to the incompleteness of the application. Many of the application also failed to fulfill all the criteria of IRCC. This is one of the major reasons of bouncing the application.

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