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Canadian need a US visa as soon as possible

The visa –free travel between Europe and Canada is in danger due to the deadline of the agreement had already past. The 12 April has been postponed 12th July; the officials of Canada and European nations recently have an urgent meeting regarding this issue.

If any positive outcome will not come then it will be a very difficult situation for Canada to visit the 26 countries of European nations, UK and Ireland are excluding from it. Currently Canada needs a visa for the tourist from Bulgaria and Romania, but the EU has noticed before two years to end all these. The reciprocal policy of EU for approved the visa-free travel to afford the equal advantage to Europeans.

Minister of immigration Mr. John McCallum said that Canada not being supported the policy of reciprocity of visa till the limitations for Bulgarians and Romanians had been eased.

Canadian government needs the reformation of the visas as soon as possible. The interruption of the deal between Europe and Canada now creates so many problems. Now the trade and commerce of Canada has completed affected for this reason. The visa and immigration authorities will have to conduct some more meetings to discuss regarding the concern.

The transformation of policy and a healthy discussion may be shut out the problem. The labor market also decreases due to the rejection of proposal. A spokeswoman from immigration department said in an interview that Romania and Bulgaria, none of these two nations is able to meets the criteria of visa exclusion of Canada.

The policy of visa restriction may need some time to be finalized.  Any step to enforce a visa restriction would take time to execute because of the heavy bureaucracy nature of the EU. particularly given the flow in application it would generate.

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